Border Ecologies Network


The Border Ecologies Network is a platform bringing together researchers, activists, artists and other practitioners investigating relations between nature and borders around a number of themes, including:

Hostile environments
Constructed natures in border securitisation projects
Weaponisation of natural environments
Conservation and its colonial, economic, and securitarian histories
Ecological impacts of border infrastructures
Formation of (national) identities in relation to species and landscapes
Categories of “native” and “invasive“ species
Multispecies commoning
Interspecies politics

Border Ecologies aims to be a collaborative network for exchanging knowledge on (emerging) border ecologies via collective discussions, writing, research and artistic intervention, building shared empirical and conceptual methodologies with other interested researchers, activists, and community members. We are not just interested in what various border-ecologies may have in common – bringing them into conversation across their highly specific geographical and political contexts – but seek to understand how they remain incomparable and wedded to unique ecological and historical processes.

Through monthly meetings we are building a collective glossary, soon to be found on this website, alongside research projects, case studies and fieldwork by contributors. You can get in touch with us through: borderecologies [at] gmail [dot] com.

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